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WooCommerce is the #1 eCommerce solution for WordPress. It’s free, flexible, self-hosted, and endlessly extendable.

The #1 eCommerce Solution for WordPress

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for the popular WordPress content management system. It’s free to use, can be hosted anywhere you have web hosting, and has hundreds of plugins available to extend it (usually paid for). It has approximately a 28% market share of all e-commerce websites.

WooCommerce makes it easy to run your eCommerce store; it’s intuitive, extendable, fast, secure, and Kuki just love building WooCommerce storefronts. There really aren’t any limitations to how many products or categories you can have either, and on good hosting (like we provide) it can cope with virtually any level of site visitors and transactions, so it’s even fine to use on sites with larger turnover.

Kuki have built dozens of WooCommerce sites including a small eCommerce app only accessible within arenas for merchandise sales, to simple sites with just a few products such as https://shop.doubledownies.com, to full-scale eCommerce sites such as http://www.illustries.com.

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